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The Best 5 Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume

Which Good Girl Perfume Is The Best?

The Best Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume

Carolina Herrera perfumes are the signature of a classy lady. This powerful fashion house is most famous for its extravagant gowns on the couture scene, and Carolina Herrera perfumes carry that brand identity with it. 

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl perfume is its classic. This collection came out in 2016 and has since taken a reputation of its own. The Good Girl perfume collection has several variations. There is usually a new scent released in this collection each year. Every scent in the Good Girl collection is quite similar to one another. 

Good Girl perfumes are classics. There are several variations and I’ve ranked them from most to least favourite based on scents, projection, lasting power, versatility and price value ratio. 

Carolina Herrera perfumes make a great gift to any girl. The packaging is impeccably designed and unique! All of them look like sexy high heels in enticing colors. Its design is truly one of its kind. 

Good Girl perfume is a scent that you can find almost anywhere online and in-store. Usually you would see a discount if you find one online. I’ve linked cheaper options and some dupes under each recommendation.

#1 Good Girl Perfume

Good Girl perfume is the most popular and the most classic option out of Carolina Herrera perfume collection. It is sweet and sexy at the same time, suitable for girls of all ages and all occasions. Plus, the packaging is so beautiful, I still kept my empty bottle of Good Girl perfume on my vanity because the bottle is too cute to be thrown out. 

Good Girl perfume is sweet floral, but not too sweet or immature. It is feminine and elegant. Its floral scents came from a mix of jasmine and rose. Jasmine scent is stronger than the rose. Rosy scents flow in the background and softens the jasmine in a great way. At drydown, this perfume is velvety, because it has almond and tonka beans at base. 

This perfume is sweet, but not cliche sweet. It is very easy and common to find a jasmine perfume (80% of perfumes out there has some jasmine). But Good Girl perfume’s jasmine mixed with rose is sophisticated with depth. With that being said, it is difficult to seek out the almond and tonka beans sometimes because it is a sweet floral after all. 

Good Girl perfume has been a signature scent for many women. It is a staple in the fragrance world that stood the test of time. Year after year, women still gravitate towards Good Girl perfume while many new scents get rotated in and out. 

Good Girl perfume has average lasting power on my skin, around 4 hours. It is an all-occasion perfume. You can definitely wear Good Girl perfume from day to night, summer to winter, office to play. It would suit everywhere and yet it is NOT a cliche scent. 

Good Girl perfume retails for $70 per 1.0 oz. I found many authentic sellers that sells it for $40 per 1.0 oz. I’ve linked them and the closest dupe IMO below here. 

#2 Very Good Girl Perfume

Very Good Girl perfume is the scent that Carolina Herrera came out with in 2021. It is housed in a sexy red shoe bottle. It has become my new favourite everyday perfume!

What I love about the Very Good Girl perfume is that its top notes are lychee and rose. Lychee is such a precious scent that you usually only get in a niche perfume. Caroline Herrera’s Very Good Girl really stepped it up here. 

Very Good Girl perfume has equal share of 50% lychee and 50% rose at open. In this case, Very Good Girl’s rose is more forward than it is in the original Good Girl perfume. Like a lot of niche perfume, it is really hard to find a dupe for it. 

Very Good Girl’s base is A LOT more velvety and powdery  than Good Girl perfume. It has a vanilla base, no musk or smokiness at all. It is pure femininity. 

This Carolina Herrera perfume is a perfect blend of pink floral and gourmand scents. If you like the Good Girl, you will definitely want to try this one! 

Very Good Girl also has a strong lasting power. It’s perfect for all occasions. It works for the office and dates, from day to night, it is just a perfect creation! I’m totally impressed. 

Very Good Girl perfume sells at Ulta for $76 per 1.0 oz bottle. You can find it at similar price online. Although not easy, I’ve linked a similar scent, a cheaper fragrance below here as well. 

#3 Good Girl Perfume Legere

Good Girl Legere comes in a beautiful shoe bottle as well with the toe part being ombre transparent. It is designed to be a lighter version of the Good Girl perfume EDP.

Similarly to the Good Girl perfume, the Good Girl Legere has jasmine as top notes. Although it is lighter, Good Girl Legere has more sandalwood than the Good Girl at base. Good Girl Legere has jasmine mixed with orange vs the Good Girl perfume has jasmine mixed with rose. 

The biggest difference between these two perfumes IMO is that the Good Girl perfume has much stronger projection. Once you spray that on, people around you can smell it. The Good Girl Legere has much more subtle projection, it is not that obvious someone can easily detect it on you, although both scents smell very similar. 

The Good Girl Legere is sold at $70/oz at retail. You can find it online at around $40 per 1.0 oz. I’ve linked some below and found some dupes. 

#4 Good Girl Supreme Perfume

Carolina Herrara launched the Good Girl Supreme in 2020. Similar to the Good Girl, the Good Girl Supreme is in its signature shoe bottle, with additional gold glitters all over it. 

I have to say, the Carolina Herrera perfumes smell similar to one another (except Very Good Girl IMO). Similar to the Good Girl perfume, the Supreme is floral and sweet. It has pretty much the same scents at open, except that Supreme is a little less sweet. 

Good Girl Supreme has an amber base which adds some masculinity to it but IMO it is a more generic scent than the original Good Girl perfume. You can find way more dupes to the Good Girl Supreme from other fragrance brands and I’ve linked below. 

Good Girl Supreme is sold at $76 per 1.0 oz. You can find many similar and more affordable dupes online, because I think the scent is semi-generic. If you love the brand Carolina Herrera perfumes, then I’d recommend getting any of the ones mentioned above. 

Bonus #5 Bad Boy Cologne

Carolina Herrera also has a line of colognes called Bad Boy. I like the Bad Boy EDT which is a more feminine cologne and some women use it as a unisex fragrance. 

Bad Boy EDT definitely smells similar to the Good Girl Perfume as well, but the male or unisex version of it. It has black pepper and leather at the base which adds masculinity to it. 

If you are looking for a gender neutral option, this would be great to share with a partner or enjoy it wherever you’d like to feel a little more empowered. 

Bad Boy EDT retails at $108 for a 1.7 oz bottle. You can find it cheaper online, at half the price. I’ve linked it below here. 

Best for date: Very Good Girl Perfume

Best for daytime: Good Girl Legere

Best for spring / summer: Good Girl Legere

Best for fall / winter: Good Girl Perfume

Best for work: Good Girl Perfume

You can get Good Girl fragrances online for about half the price usually. 

Most Good Girl perfumes sell for $80 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). 

I can always find Good Girl perfumes online for around $30 – $40 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

Good Girl perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at a half of its full price online with the same quality. I have linked many cheaper places to buy throughout this review.

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