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The Best 6 Ariana Grande Perfume Ranked

Which Ariana Grande Perfume Is The Best?

The Best Ariana Grande Perfumes To Try

Ariana Grande perfumes are universally loved by her fans and many more. These perfumes are sweet, feminine and make every girl cheerful once she puts it on. Anything in this collection or the gift set makes a perfect gift for a young lady! 

Ariana Grande perfumes are super affordable which is another HUGE brownie point! You can find authentic Ariana Grande perfumes online at amazing discounts between 1/2 and 1/4 of the full price that you have to pay at Ulta or Macy’s. Check out all the best prices in this article. 

One thing to keep in mind when you are shopping for Ariana Grande perfumes is that the spray bottle sprays a large amount of liquid out each time, more perfume per spray than most brands. 

Since the perfumes’ lasting power is not the strongest, I would always encourage you to get the full size bottle because you would go through one rather quickly! 

Here are the very best Ariana Grande perfumes ranked for you to try from most recommended to the least!

#1 Ariana Grande Ari perfume

Ari perfume is a BEAUTY! I used to favourite the Ariana grande Cloud perfume, ever since I discovered this scent, I can’t get enough of it.

Ariana Grande Ari perfume is complex and sophisticated, yet sweet but not too sweet, just like the cloud perfume makes you feel. 

Ariana Grande Ari perfume opens with pear, grapefruit, and pink floral. As it dries down, you get a very generous vanilla scent with raspberry and cream. It smells light and slightly citrusy to me with a slight orange or green apple in it. The musk scent in this is very light. Its vanilla base mixed with  the floral and fruit scents are overflowing for as long as it lasts.

As far as lasting power, Ariana Grande Ari perfume is the one with the strongest projection of them all. You don’t need to spray as much as the others in this collection because it has a strong projection and strong scents. 

Ariana Grande Ari perfume is a great choice for everyday from day to night. I love how versatile it is. It is sweeter than Ariana Grande Cloud perfume 100%, but it is still not too sweet, and is appropriate for a professional environment. 

It is the most sophisticated choice in this collection. So Ariana Grande Ari perfume is the top 1 choice among them all. 

Just like how sweet, heart-warming and cheerful Ariana Grande’s personality is, I can totally imagine her wearing this as her signature scent everyday. 

I can usually find Ariana Grande perfume for around $10 per 1.0 oz. I have linked some cheap options online and dupe ideas below.

#2 Ariana Grande Cloud perfume

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume is still one of my all time favourites in this collection because of how unique it is compared to the other Ariana Grande perfumes. Her new R.E.M. perfume is very similar to Cloud by the way, but Cloud’s scents mix does a better job. Overall all the scents in Cloud are more balanced than they are in R.E.M.

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume is not that sweet, in fact, I wouldn’t call Ariana Grande Cloud perfume a floral or a fruity scent. It is more like a unisex scent.

At open, Ariana Grande Cloud perfume has strong pear and bergamot scents which makes it seem fruity at first. However it dries down rather quickly, and after half an hour, it will become a unisex perfume that screams a beautiful mix of coconut, vanilla, musk and woods. The pear and bergamot sweeter side fades into the background here. 

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume is the more “mature” or the more “serious” scent among them all. It is an all occasion perfume, in fact, more versatile than the Ari perfume IMO because it is sexier and yet more “serious” at the same time. 

Its scents are sophisticated, well balanced and well liked by everyone. It is sexy but not in a sweet or traditionally feminine way

Lasting power is lower than Ariana Grande Ari perfume. You can get 2-3 full hours of the scent when you wear it.

I can usually find Ariana Grande perfume for around $10 per 1.0 oz. I have linked some cheap options online and dupe ideas below.

#3 Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume

Ariana Grande Moonlight is such a cute scent. It is basically a spicier version of Ariana Grande Ari perfume, and yet lighter on the nose. 

Ariana Grande perfumes are often the entry choices for girls who love sweet and floral perfumes. The Moonlight perfume is no exception. It opens with creamy vanilla and marshmallow which makes it so dreamy and sexy. As it dries down quickly, the black pepper and sandalwood start emerging, making it a spicier perfume than the Ari perfume.

Moonlight’s projection is not as strong as some of the other Ariana Grande perfumes, because it has a more complex mix with pepper and sandalwood. Moonlight’s lasting power however is great because it has these stronger undertones. You will get a full 3 hours out of this scent. 

This is another beautiful all-occasion perfume. Just like all the other Ariana Grande perfumes, the Moonlight can be worn to a date during the day or at night, any daytime activities whether it is personal or professional. 

Finally after a couple hours, Moonlight smells pretty much exactly the same with Ari. 

This is another perfume in the Ariana Grande perfume collection that you can get at half price online vs at Ulta or Macy’s. I can usually find Ariana Grande perfume for around $10 per 1.0 oz. I have linked some cheap options online and dupe ideas below.

#4 Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume

Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume is a treat! It has a creamy and pretty scent, not too sweet and also a bit powdery. 

The notes are sweet but on the lighter side. It is more delicate and more velvety than Ariana Grande Ari perfume and the Moonlight perfume. 

It is the second most powdery scent out of the Ariana Grande perfume collection, the most powdery one is the Sweet Like Candy perfume. So if you want to add a little powdery feel to your daily routine, this would be a great option.

At open, similar to other Ariana Grande perfumes, it is sweeter than when it dries down. At open, Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume has a beautiful pear, white floral, and slight raspberry flare in it. The base note is sweet, but not a floral sweetness but a gourmand sweetness like from cotton candies or velvety sugar cubes for your coffee. 

At drydown, it becomes a lot more velvety and powdery. The sweetness at open gradually fades away after an hour and the beautiful powderness comes more forward. It smells like there is an equal balance between the white floral scents and the velvety musk scent after an hour or so, and becomes less floral-forward.

This is again a great all-occasion perfume. Since it is a good combination of powdery scents and floral scents, you can wear it and still stand out at a night time event. Of course, during the day, it’d be a wonderful perfume to wear as well. 

Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume has a good lasting power of over 3 hours. It is one of the longer lasting ones in the Ariana Grande perfume collection. 

I can usually find Ariana Grande perfume for around $10 per 1.0 oz. I have linked some cheap options online and dupe ideas below.

#5 Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy perfume

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy perfume is quite similar to the Thank You Next perfume in terms of how powdery at dry-down it becomes. 

Sweet Like Candy perfume is true to its name. It is sweet and powdery, but not in a cliche way. This Ariana Grande perfume has a surprising blend of jasmine, pear, creamy marshmallow and vanilla. At dry-down, you can smell the blackberry and even a bit of spiciness to it. 

Although it is sweet, it is with a twist. I feel like Ariana tricked people into thinking this would smell just like cotton candy, but in fact, it is more complex and with more surprises than just a plain sugar-infused perfume. 

Since it is the most powdery perfume in the Ariana Grande perfume collection, it is a more reserved scent IMO. You can wear this to a professional or a school environment and it would be 100% loved by those around you. 

Its lasting power is slightly lower than Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume. This one lasts around 2-3 hours. 

This is another perfume in this collection that you can find half priced authentic bottles online rather than buying it full price at a store like Ulta. 

#6 Ariana Grande R.E.M. perfume

Ariana Grande R.E.M. perfume is for a cool and interesting girl who prefers the outdoors IMO. It is not that sweet, and the most similar to Ariana Grande Cloud perfume in this whole collection.

R.E.M. isn’t the most crowd pleasing option I don’t think, because the scents are definitely unisex and not for everyone. 

As always, Ariana Grande R.E.M. perfume opens sweeter than its dry-down. It opens with salted caramel (with a lot of saltiness) and it dries down with a lot more sandalwood and musk in between. 

You can find pear and fig scents after dry-down in this perfume, but you will have to search for it a little bit. It is the most unisex option in the Ariana Grande perfume collection.

Ariana Grande R.E.M. perfume is a great daytime perfume for those that prefer unisex scents. It is not exactly a “clean” scent because the saltiness is mixed with fruity scents, so it is kind of confusing to me. 

It has an average lasting power of 3 hours or so, after which it starts fading away.  

Ariana Grande R.E.M. perfume is however the only perfume that is exclusive to certain retailers. If you love it, you can find it online at the same price as you would at Ulta. That’s why I linked dupes and similar yet cheaper options below.

Ariana Grande perfumes are some of the most accessible and affordable perfumes on the market. No wonder so many girls love them! 

Ariana Grande perfumes are ranked in this article with top 1 as Ari, top 2 as Cloud and top 3 as Moonlight.

Ariana Grande perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at half the price of 1/3 of the full price online with the same quality. 

Throughout this review, I have linked not only cheaper places to buy Ariana Grande perfumes online, but also great dupes to consider.

Ariana Grande perfumes are very affordable. I can find them at amazing discounted prices between 1/2 and 1/4 of the full price online, always. So even though you can get them in stores everywhere, I prefer buying them online. I have linked cheaper options throughout this review.

Top 1 pick in this review is the Ari perfume. You can get this at full price for $45 per 1.0 oz. You can also use the links in here and get them for $10 per 1.0 oz. 

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