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Is Burberry Her Perfume Worth It? And Top 8 Burberry Perfumes

Which Burberry Perfume Is The Best?

Burberry is a powerful fashion house established in 1856. The historical fashion brand has been making perfumes and colognes for over 30 years. 

Overall, Burberry fragrances have a sophisticated identity. From its sweet scent like Burberry Her perfume to the muskier ones, Burberry perfumes have evolved beyond a few of the line’s classics like Brit and Burbbery London. 

Since Burberry perfumes have been on the market for over 3 decades, you can find most of the legacy and popular options online for much cheaper prices. I have linked cheaper options and dupes throughout this article. 

This is my top vote among Burberry perfumes, even though I used so much Brit growing up. My Burberry Black was launched in 2016 by the infamous French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. My Burberry collection overall is a masterpiece, just like any of his Maison Francis Kurkdjian niche fragrances that are a lot more expensive than Burberry!

My Burberry Black is the sweetest scent in the My Burberry collection. It is almost like a gourmand fragrance (although it wasn’t designed to be one). This perfume smells very expensive – have to blame it on Francis Kurkdjian! It is quite a powdery perfume in addition to being gourmand-like.

At the open, you will get a rush of pink florals and sweetness from peach and patchouli. Its top note is jasmine, although it doesn’t smell like the cliche jasmine at all. It smells like candy and roses mixed together! Adding to its sophistication, this Burberry perfume is quite powdery, to my pleasant surprise. It will remind you of an expensive hotel in France decorated with sweet high-end chocolates and beautiful pink bouquets. As it dries down, the powderness comes through a little more which I like, and you will get a little more amber and cashmere scents. 

This Burberry perfume has amazing staying power, over 5 hours for me. Most other Burberry perfumes have average staying power most of the time. Maybe because it was made by Francis Kurkdjian, all of his fragrances have incredible lasting power. 

My Burberry Black is definitely an all-occasion and all-season perfume. It is appropriate for the office and a date night. With its stellar lasting power, you will love it from spring to fall and winter.

This Burberry perfume is one of my favourite go-to gifts because it is so long lasting, the gift recipient can enjoy it for a long time to come. It is feminine, sexy and sweet which makes it a great compliment for a recipient. 

My Burberry Black is sold at $74 per 1.0 oz at retail or full price. I can easily find this online for around $40 – $50 per 1.0 oz. I linked some options for this Burberry perfume below and some dupe options as well. I feel excited to share this recommendation with all of you!

Burberry Her perfume is a very complex, unique and unexpected fragrance. It is another great piece by Francis Kurkdjian launched in 2018. 

Burberry Her perfume is musky, woodsy and even mossy. At the open, it has strong fruity scents that have beautiful berries, lemon and pepper’s spiciness to it. As it dries down quickly, you get some light orange and vanilla. But Burberry Her perfume has a lot of musk, woody notes, cashmere and oakmoss. All mixed together, Burberry Her perfume smells more like a unisex perfume at drydown, clean, independent and unbothered. Burberry Her perfume was designed with gourmand scents, but I don’t smell the sweetness at all. 

Burberry Her perfume is quite a serious perfume. It sends an air of uncompromising attitude, perfect for any situation that demands this level of seriousness. The perfumer designed it to inspire the diverse and lively city of London. IMO it is a great signature perfume to wear in an office or business setting. This would make a great gift for an independent lady who takes care of her own business. Burberry Her perfume’s face is Cara Delevingne and she is a tomboy who perfectly represents this scent. 

Burberry Her perfume is fairly long lasting, around 4 hours for me. The Burberry Her perfume line IMO just isn’t as impressive or versatile as the My Burberry line, BUT the Burberry Her line is more expensive. You can find it at full price for $76 per 1.0 oz at most retail stores like Sephora and Ulta. I’ve linked some cheaper options and dupes below for you below. 

My Burberry Blush is a close one with Burberry Her perfume. It comes in a cute light pink bottle, which is just so cute as a gift!

My Burberry Blush is a refreshing pink floral scent, filled with pink florals and crisp apples. This is a feminine perfume, yet with low to average sweetness. It is laidback, refreshing and sophisticated. It smells like spring because of all the apple notes in this fragrance. Imagine stepping into a flower garden on a nice spring morning. 

At the open, you will immediately enjoy the pink roses, geranium and jasmine. My Burberry Blush’s base note is jasmine, so its sweetness is grounded in floral scents. After the initial rose rush, you will very quickly get a lot of green apple and lemon notes which make this fragrance a very refreshing choice in the spring and summer. 

Even though My Burberry Blush is heavy in rose notes, the floral scents are complex and sophisticated, not just plain rose notes. Its sweetness has many layers from pomegranate, geranium and wisteria as well. You cannot tell at the open that this is a rose-heavy fragrance. 

My Burberry Blush is a great daytime perfume or a date night choice. It is refreshing and not too sweet, which makes it a good office fragrance as well. It is so refreshing that I don’t think I’ll ever wear it in the fall or winter. 

My Burberry Blush has average lasting power at around 3-4 hours on me. My Burberry and My Burberry Black last longer in comparison. 

You can get this Burberry perfume at full price for $74 per 1.0 oz. I found it online for around $40 per 1.0 oz. I have linked some cheaper options below and some dupes right here. 

Burberry Brit is the most classic Burberry perfume. I love it and have been wearing it throughout college. It is a Burberry perfume with the most recognizability, popularity and longevity. Whenever I smell this fragrance on someone, it is no-doubt on a lady with great tastes. 

Burberry Brit perfume bottle is wrapped around in the classic Burberry checker. Its packaging is also the most Burberry among all the Burberry perfumes. The fragrance makes such a wonderful gift to yourself or to someone else, because it pleases even a perfume connoisseur and it shows that you have great tastes. This Burberry perfume comes in an EDT and an EDP version. They are both lovely choices. 

Burberry Brit is sweet gourmand, floral and did I say CLASSIC? At the open, you will love the peony, candy and sugary notes. It is then grounded by almond and tonka bean notes. It reminds me of having tea at a posh hotel in London, just like how Burberry London makes me feel, but Burberry Brit is a more youthful option vs Burberry London. 

Burberry Brit is refreshing, with lime and pear notes added in. Subtly reminding you that you can have fun while taking care of serious business. Even though it is a sweet scent, it has an air of sophistication and seriousness to it. It’s not powdery, but very Londoner-like. 

As refreshing as it is, Burberry Brit has good lasting power. The EDP lasts around 4 hours on my skin, while the EDT lasts around 3 hours. It is definitely an all-occasion and all-season perfume. You can wear it underneath layers of clothing and still smell the magic of Burberry Brit.

If you like sweet gourmand perfumes that lean more on the sophisticated side rather than the bubbly kind, then this would be your new favourite! Compared to Burberry Her perfume, Burberry Brit is less woodsy and more versatile IMO.

Burberry Brit For Her EDP sells at $85 for a 1.7 oz bottle. You can find many cheaper option which I have linked some below. Usually this Burberry perfume is around half off.

Burberry Her perfume in London Dream is newer fragrance launched in 2020. This is not created by Francis Kurkdjian unfortunately. London Dream is a simpler scent compared to Burbery Her perfume. It makes the London Dream a little more refreshing. 

London Dream is sweeter than Burberry Her perfume, because the London Dream has more forward jasmine notes and composition is just less complex. I am guessing it is trying to appeal to a younger audience who do more daytime or outdoor activities. 

At the open, you get undoubtedly strong pink floral and jasmine. The jasmine in here is pretty strong yet elegant. This Burberry perfume has an approachable elegance, not powdery and very jasmine. If you like a sweet floral perfume that is uncomplicated, this would be a good pick. In fact, several Chanel Chance perfumes are similar to this. 

In Burberry Her perfume London Dream, there are peony and rose notes. Since the jasmine is so strong, I could get some peony but not much rose. It also has lemon and ginger scents that make this fragrance a refreshing choice for the warmer days. There are musk and amber notes but very lightly used. 

Burberry Her perfume in London Dream can be an all-occasion and all-season perfume, however I’d prefer wearing this in the spring or summer. It is quite versatile and appropriate for the office and for play. 

This Burberry perfume is sold at full price for $74 per 1.0 oz, a little pricier than many perfumes in this genre with similar longevity. So I have linked some cheaper options that I found and great dupes right here.

Burberry London is another classic! I rank it below London Dream because the scent is heavy, mature and could smell a little dated for some younger folks. Her London Dream is a more updated and younger option if you like a classic yet youthful scent.  

It is a more serious or grown up perfume vs the Burberry Brit. I loved to alternate between the Brit and London in College. I used to wear Brit on a more regular basis but London in a more serious or professional environment such as when I need to make a presentation or something like that. 

Burberry London perfume truly embodies that sophistication or even uptightness a Londoner may be stereotyped. 

At the open, you get a lot of sweet white floral notes like honeysuckle and patchouli. Its sweetness and floral notes have depth, which makes it hard to separate rose, orange, jasmine and peony as they all blend together. As it dries down, you will quickly get a lot of musk and sandalwood, which is what makes it a serious perfume for the office. 

This Burberry perfume has great lasting power. I must say the classic options have excellent lasting power, above 4 hours for me. It can be great in the fall and winter for almost all occasions. I would hesitate to wear this on a date though because it smells like some cologne as it is a fairly masculine scent. 

Good news is that this perfume is a classic and has taken on a life of its own for almost 20 years. It is a very safe blind buy, just like the Brit. You can find many reputable sellers online and get it at around $30 per 1.0 oz. This is a great price for a classic Burberry perfume! I’ve linked where to buy it and some dupes below for you.  

Burberry Women perfume is another classic that has been around since 1995. I rank it lower because even though it is a classic perfume, it may not be for everyone. If you are gifting it to someone else, this Burberry perfume’s packaging is a bit dated.

It comes in a curved clear bottle with a Burberry logo on it. However, the design reminds me of vintage perfume bottles that I would see in 80s or 90s films. But if you are gifting it to a more experienced perfume lover, she may love the scent and the design, especially if she’s used this perfume before. It could bring back wonderful memories depending on who you are buying it for. 

Burberry Women perfume is woodsy, powdery and slightly sweet. This Burberry perfume is indeed a complex scent, but a clearly a sweet musky fragrance. As you first spray it on your skin, it may smell daunting due to its strong projection. Let it settle and after a couple minutes, you will get much more sweetness over time.

At the open, you will get strong musk, sandalwood and moss. It is sexy and grounded in this unique blend of masculinity and femininity mixed together. The sharpness and spiciness will vapor quickly once you spray this on. After it dries down, the beautiful and sweet apricot and peach will come through.

It is a fruity kind of sweetness mixed with jasmine’s sweetness which is a floral scent. The sweetness in this fragrance isn’t that forward. If you like a traditional sweet or floral perfume, this would surprise you in a bad way. 

Burberry Women perfume reminds me of a mature, smart yet comforting woman who is knowledgeable in art and music. It is appropriate for all seasons although I’d prefer wearing it in the fall or winter because it is so musky and mossy. You could wear it to an office or a date for sure, as it goes well from day to night. 

This Burberry perfume has a great lasting power of over 5 hours, probably because it was designed to be so strong.

The other good news is that since it’s been out for a long time, you can certainly find it for under $30 per 1.0 oz. For its quality, this Burberry perfume really has a great price to value ratio. 

It is not a scent that will suit every woman. I’d recommend that you purchase this for a woman only if she told you to buy this. I’ve linked some more versatile dupes and cheaper options if you want a perfume that is more generic and less specific. 

Burberry Her Blossom is a newer Burberry Her perfume that launched in 2019. It is created by the infamous perfume Francis Kurkdjian and you can never go wrong with his creations! 

This is a floral fragrance. It is sweet, but not musky or woody at all even though its official notes have musk and sandalwood. I find it impossible to find the musk in here. If you are buying it for someone who likes feminine things, this is a great purchase. 

There is no doubt that this is a floral perfume with notes in citrus, vanilla, jasmine and peony. And that is all you get. At the open and at drydown, this scent doesn’t change at all. Since it is a beautiful lighter EDT, it smells refreshing and elegant, perfect for spring and summer. 

I’d like to find the darker notes in this, such as plums, pink pepper, musk or sandalwood, but I just cannot find any of those at all…

This shall not be perceived as a disadvantage, because Her Blossom is undoubtedly an ultra feminine floral perfume. Many feminine women would love this scent. 

Burberry Her Blossom has average lasting power because it is an EDT. It is refreshing and great for warmer months, when you are doing more daytime or outdoor activities. Its sweetness is floral, so not too sweet, and resembles closely to nature. 

I did rank it at the last as a recommendation because of this potential lack of versatility, and it is also a pricier perfume because it is a relatively newer version. It sells for $63 per 1.0 oz. While this is the official full price, you can find many cheaper dupes that perform similarly and at half the price. I have linked some below here. 

Best for date: My Burberry Black or Burberry Her perfume

Best for daytime: Burberry London Dream

Best for spring / summer: My Burberry Blush or Burberry Her Blossom

Best for fall / winter: Burberry classic or black

Best for work: Burberry classic or Burberry Her perfume

Burberry Her perfume’s full price is $76 per 1.0 oz. I’ve linked some dupes throughout this article for each Burberry perfume variation.

You can get most Burberry perfumes online for 50% – 70% off the full price usually. 

Most Burberry perfumes sell for $60 – $80 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). 

I can always find Burberry perfumes online for around $30 – $40 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

In addition to Sephora, most department stores near you carry Burberry perfume, including Ulta, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and etc. 

I always find the best prices for Burberry perfumes online.

Burberry perfume is sold  in stores internationally, including the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

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