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The Best 6 Chloe Perfume To Know Before Buying

Which Chloe Perfume Is The Best?

The Best 6 Chloe Perfumes Must-Knows Before Buying

Chloe makes fabulous and fashionable perfumes. Chloe perfumes stay true to the brand’s French heritage. Chloe fragrances are feminine, intricate and lady-like. The brand has a long history of leading the feminist movement and making women’s lives easier. Chloe is one of the few pioneer French fashion houses that led couture to produce ready-to-wear products. 

Today, Chloe perfumes are suitable for women everywhere and anytime. Chloe fragrance line has many options, from day to night and office to charity gala. 

Chloe perfumes are great for ladies of all ages, and specifically popular among young ladies as many options are quite feminine and bubbly. 

As a true luxury brand, Chloe perfumes are more expensive than celebrity perfumes and many other fragrance brands. 

You can often find Chloe perfumes’ resellers online with authentic products and half the price. You can also find similar dupes to these options, however not exactly the same vibe, I’ll link those below as we go through each Chloe fragrance’s top options. 

#1 Chloe Perfume Classic EDP

The most classic and signature scent of the Chloe perfumes has to go to Chloe. This scent has been the icon of the perfume house since 2008. Girls of all ages flocked to it like bees as it has the beautiful rose base with sweet amber and peony.

This signature Chloe fragrance has medium complexity. The open has strong peony – for those that love peonies, this would be a precious perfume fine! Even though the base is rose, it is not obvious that it has rose scents at open. At drydown, the rose scent comes forward much more. 

This is why I love the Chloe perfume classic, because it is not a cliche rose perfume. It has roses as the backbone but it is muted. Chloe achieves a great balance with amber here. 

In any case, the Chloe perfume is very floral, no matter how you look at it. The base is strong raspberry with a rose backbone. It has a ton of pink floral to it. Verbena flowers have that light sweet scent that makes you feel like you are relaxing on a farm in Europe with beautiful green grass for as far as you can see and well-trained horses. It however does not make one relate to a flower farm or flower field, but a working farm in Europe. 

The Chloe perfume is sweet, no doubt. Its sweetness is a little like cotton candy, based in vanilla and sugar. It is also slightly powdery with some almond scents at drydown.

The Chloe perfume is an all-occasion perfume. You can definitely wear it to school, or an event at church, and you can also wear it to a night of dancing out on town. It is lady-like with medium complexity that makes it all-occasion appropriate. 

Chloe fragrance in general is a brand where you can get it much cheaper (*half price*) online. Not all options here are readily available everywhere online but Chloe perfume classic is always available there at a much cheaper price. I’ve linked them below. 

At retail, the Chloe perfume sells for $79 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I can always find it cheaper online at around $30 per 1.0 oz. I linked some cheaper options and dupes right here for you to browse more!

#2 Chloe Roses de Chloe EDT

Roses de Chloe perfume is one of my all time favourite rose perfumes. It is not cliche like it is filled with 90% rose scents. It is *clearly* a rose perfume no doubt, but it has medium complexity from its unique blend of peach, magnolia, lychee and bergamot.

At the open, Roses de Chloe fragrance is so refreshing. It has strong rose and magnolia throughout its projection from the opening to drydown. I’d say the proportion is 50% rose and 50% magnolia at open. Both prominent scents have an equal share. There is a light layer of musk clearly, that balances with the classic florals beautifully. It is not that sweet, it is just unmistakably *very floral*. 

The scent overall is very consistent throughout this process as well, as in its scent does not change at all as it dries down and eventually fades. 

The Chloe roses de Chloe perfume is a feminine and elegant choice. The EDT version is so refreshing for the spring and summer season. It is appropriate for schools, offices and dates.

The Chloe roses de Chloe perfume is slightly cheaper than the Chloe perfume classic at $70 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) at retail price. You can find much cheaper options online at around $20 per 1.0 oz. I linked some of them here.  

#3 Chloe Nomade EDP

The Chloe Nomade perfume is a sexy night-time perfume IMO. It is the second most woodsy option out of the Chloe fragrance collection to date (the most woodsy Chloe fragrance is the Nomade Absolu). 

The Chloe Nomade perfume is woodsy with some floral sweetness that adds some sex appeal to it. At open, you would be surprised by the woodsy base because the packaging and other Chloe perfumes are always so obviously feminine. Chloe Nomade perfume’s base smells like fresh and wet wood logs in the wild. 

There is strong white floral from freesia and patchouli that mixes well with the wood logs scent at open. At drydown, you can not miss the dark berries and plum. It is a beautiful blend of the wild masculinity and sweet femininity. 

In comparison, the Chloe Nomade perfume is the sweeter version of the Nomade Absolu that we’ll talk about below. 

I find the Nomade perfume more versatile than the Nomade Absolu because it is not singularly woodsy, but has a complex mixture with white floral. It is complex and sexy to be a date night perfume or appropriate for most occasions in the fall or winter days and nights. 

The Chloe Nomade perfume retails at $79 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. You can find cheaper and authentic options online for around $30 per 1.0 ounce. I buy it online myself, and linked some options here. 

#4 Chloe L’Eau EDT

Chloe L’Eau is a beautifully feminine perfume. You can think of it as a more refreshing version of the Chloe perfume classic that we talked about above. It is essentially a perfume that sits between the Chloe perfume classic (#1 above) and the Roses de Chloe perfume (#2 above). If you like those 2 perfumes, you will like this one because it is *very* similar to a blend of those two. 

At open, the Chloe L’Eau has a rose and magnolia scent similar to the Roses de Chloe. It is like the classic Chloe in a way that its base of rose is not as strong or as obvious as other rose perfumes. At drydown, it has musk and oak that makes it more grounded, darker and close to the Chloe perfume classic. 

Like I said, this Chloe L’Eau is basically a blend of Chloe perfume classic and Roses de Chloe. It is a great perfume for spring and summer as it is a more refreshing EDT. 

Chloe L’Eau retails at $68 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. It is a little harder to find than the others above online. But if you find one, it is usually much cheaper than retail price. I’ve found some and linked right here. 

#5 Chloe Rose Tangerine EDT

Chloe’s Rose Tangerine is basically a more citrusy version of the Roses de Chloe perfume. 

It is a light, refreshing, rosy and citrusy fragrance, perfectly suited for spring and summer. 

At open, it has a lot less roses and A LOT MORE orange vs the Roses de Chloe perfume. All Chloe perfumes have good lasting power whether it is an EDP or an EDT. Chloe Rose Tangerine lasts an average 4 hours. 

Chloe Rose Tangerine has some blends of cedarwood and amber which is supposed to make it more grounded or differentiated.

I love this fragrance, and the only reason I have it down here is because it smells kind of generic at drydown. This fragrance is beautifully citrusy and rosy at open, but somehow after an hour or so, it kind of loses its personality.

Nonetheless, it is an elegant and refreshing perfume for the summer.

Chloe Rose Tangerine retails at $68 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). It is usually available online for a cheaper price, so I have picked out some cheaper alternative dupes for you to choose from.

#6 Nomade Absolu EDP

The Chloe Nomade Absolu perfume is *woodsy* no doubt. It is almost singularly woodsy IMO. If you like woodsy and oud scents, this is a great option. 

As discussed above, the Chloe Nomade perfume has some white florals’ sweetness mixed into it, but the Nomade Absolu has none of that it seems. It is *completely* woodsy. At open and at drydown, you need to try to seek for the blackberries and plums in this perfume because the woodsy scents overpowers every other scent. 

Nomade Absolu is made for independent women. It commands seriousness and respect when a lady wears it to a business function. It is more intimidating and less approachable than the Nomade. 

Nomade Absolu is clearly a night time or a fall or winter fragrance as it is so dark and woodsy. It doesn’t seem appropriate to wear it in the summer to be honest. But if you love woodsy scents, this is the one!

The Chloe Nomade Absolu is the most expensive option out of the Chloe perfume collection. It retails at $83 per ounce. You can find cheaper options online and I’ve linked some cheaper dupes here as well. 

Best for date: Nomade EDP for a dinner date or Roses de Chloe for a lunch or daytime date

Best for daytime: Chloe

Best for spring / summer: Chloe L’Eau EDT

Best for fall / winter: Chloe Nomade

Best for work: Chloe Nomade Absolu

You can get Chloe fragrances on average at half price online here. 

Chloe perfume: $79 1 oz and $132 2.5 oz at retail

Roses de Chloe perfume: $70 1 oz and $125 2.5 oz at retail

Chloe Nomade perfume: $79 per ounce at retail

Chloe L’Eau perfume: $68 per ounce at retail

Chloe Rose Tangerine perfume: $68 per ounce at retail

Chloe Nomade absolu perfume: $84 per ounce at retail

Chloe  perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at half the price online with the same quality. I have linked many cheaper places to buy throughout this review.

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