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Top 12 Dior Perfumes You Can Buy Anywhere

Which Dior Perfume Is The Best?

#1 Miss Dior - Absolutely Blooming

This is my favourite fragrance among the Miss Dior perfumes. It is the second most intense perfume in this collection. As an EDP, Absolutely Blooming is stronger than its EDT twin of Blooming Bouquet. 

At the open, Absolutely Blooming smells uber elegant, with strong peony and rose jumping off the page. As it dries down, its red berry & pomegranate scents come forward a little more.

Its sweetness from peony is not the cliche jasmine sweetness that you get in almost all floral perfumes. Absolutely Blooming’s sweetness beautifully sits on a buttery velvety base of white musk. The velvety base of musk here makes it a super sexy and mysterious perfume.

It is so smooth and velvety. It is refreshing and slightly powdery, achieving a great balance between elegance and sweetness. 

Miss Dior’s Absolutely Blooming fragrance is a wonderful all-season perfume. Great for dates, sophisticated enough for the office, and heavyweight enough for a gala or a dinner party in the fall and winter. It is also refreshing and buttery so it can be a great summer fragrance.

You can buy Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming at most retail stores. Its full price is $82 for the 1.0 oz (30 ml) small bottle. I can usually find it online for cheaper for around $50-$60 per 1.0 oz which is 30% lower than its full price. I have linked some cheaper options below and dupe options.

#2 Dior J'adore Perfume EDP

J’adore is an amazing perfume. It smells so elegant and grown up and in a good way. It is my top pick among all the J’adore perfume variations.

J’adore is sweet like candy, at the same time, it exudes spring florals and ylang ylang on top of it all. As it dries down, it has some magnolia and rose coming forward, but the sweetness of it is still very dominant but not cheesy at all. 

It is a lovely fragrance for a lady, sweet yet not too loud, pretty yet not too vulgar. You imagine a lady who wears this would frequent museums and the art scene, but not visit the night clubs on her Art Basel getaway to Miami. 

It achieves this illusion of maturity without being powdery, which makes it great for ladies of all tastes. 

J’adore has medium projection and average lasting power of 4 hours. You can wear it practically to anything and I don’t say this often! It has mystery, which makes it great for dates. It is slightly serious and ladylike, and is definitely appropriate for any work-related or daytime activities. Since it’s a light hearted perfume, I would layer it with something heavier like Poison Girl for night time activities.

J’adore perfume’s full price at retail is $82 for the small 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I usually find it at around $30-$35 per 1.0 oz online. I’ve linked cheaper options below and a dupe that is much cheaper as well. 

#3 Poison Girl

Dior Poison Girl perfume is my top pick in this collection. It is the sweetest option in the poison lineup. I am ranking it higher not only because it is versatile for everyday and special occasions, but also because it is a great romantic gift to any lady. 

As you will see, other Poison perfume scents don’t make such great gifts to a romantic partner. 

Dior Poison Girl perfume is my favourite scent in the collection. I’ve gone through a few bottles of the EDP, as I find myself going for it on many fall and winter days. The EDP is a brown color while the EDT is a light purple color. You can find them pretty much at any fragrance retail store.

Dior Poison Girl perfume is your classic gourmand fragrance. It smells like sweet sweet and *sweet* edibles. Imagine the most fragrant caramel mixed with cotton candy and some light cocoa. There is no mistake here – so many layers of sweetness, yet not too rich at all, no woods or oud, just sweetness from light to dark. 

It’s so well balanced that I’d prefer Dior Poison Girl perfume to Miss Dior if I’m going for a sweet perfume (because Miss Dior has more florals and I prefer a true gourmand when I’m just going for that elevated sweetness)

You may guess there are many sweet dupes out there, you might have to try really hard on this one. Dior Poison Girl perfume is a signature scent. Its sweetness screams elegance and luxury, not cheap or generic at all.

It lasts very long on my fall/winter pieces. If you put this on wool or cashmere, the scent will stay on your sweaters for a week or more, which makes it a great signature scent. Wherever you lay down, Dior Poison Girl perfume will rub off on the surface and stay there for a while. And I only find this to be true with Poison Girl, not Poison, Pure Poison or Hypnotic Poison.

Dior Poison Girl perfume is an all season perfume. I love it for fall and winter days and nights, indoor and outdoors, and definitely better for a summer night than a summer day. It’s great as a hair mist because the EDP has a strong projection and good sillage of around 5 hours on skin or hair.

Full price of the Dior Poison Girl perfume in EDP is $138 for its 3.4 oz bigger bottle, which makes it only $41 per 1.0 oz. The EDT is slightly cheaper at $115 for 3.4 oz, which makes it only $34 per 1.0 oz. 

This is a super affordable and luxurious choice at a great value. I can always find it online at around $30 per 1.0 oz. Whether you are buying it for yourself or a loved one, Dior Poison Girl perfume is truly an excellent choice! 

#4 Miss Dior EDP

Miss Dior is the most classic perfume in the Miss Dior perfume line. It has been out in the public as a staple Dior perfume for two decades and was recently revamped in 2012 with the newer packaging. 

Since Miss Dior has been out for a while, I can easily find it online for half off most of the time. Its full price is $82 for the 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. It’s easy to find it for around $40 per 1.0 oz online. I have linked some cheaper options below and dupes as well.

First things first, Miss Dior perfume has an extremely sweet scent. Its sweetness is buttery and sexy, not a bubbly kind of sweet. It has a smooth buttery scent to it as if you are smelling a piece of sweet butter, in a good way of course. 

It is so sweet that it’s like caramel candy with citrus and rose. It doesn’t have the depth that woodsy scents would give you. But it feels deep because there are so many layers of sweetness. So you feel you are dunked in a bucket of caramel and syrup. It might be too sweet for some people.

The sweetness comes from the strong bergamot base note, which is basically a sweet lemon. It has a ton of patchouli, rose and white florals. What is the most dominant is the sweet citrus of bergamot. So rose and floral scents are there, but in the background. 

It has good lasting power, around 4 hours. It has an average projection, the uber sweetness doesn’t travel that far but is potent when people around you can smell it.

Miss Dior perfume can be good for a date night as gourmand scents always scream sweetness and sex appeal at the same time. It is also great for the fall and winter. Its depth can penetrate the many layers of fall and winter clothing.

#5 Dior J'adore Absolu

J’adore Absolu is a much richer (thicker), and sweeter version of the original J’adore, with a lot more sweetness from mandarin and ylang ylang. 

As we talked about, J’adore is very ladylike and elegant. J’adore Absolu is the more bubbly version of that lady J’adore, because it is almost singularly sweet, and not as complex or mysterious as J’adore EDP.

The sweetness sort of overpowers everything else, which IMO makes it more bubbly and less elegant. 

Nonetheless, it is a beautiful perfume with so much sexiness from the mandarin and jasmine.

It has an average lasting power of 4 hours, very similar to the original J’adore. Despite being a lot sweeter, J’adore Absolu’s projection isn’t that much stronger and the sillage is slightly stronger than the original. 

If you love sweet fragrances, the House of Dior in general is the right direction to go in. And you can’t go wrong with J’adore Absolu. It is heavier but also sexier than the original. J’adore Absolu speaks up more than J’adore in a loud and bubbly way.

J’adore Absolu’s full price is $118 for a 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottle, which makes it $69 per 1.0 oz. I can always find this online for around half off. I’ve linked some cheaper places online and a cheaper dupe to look at here.

Joy is a feminine, floral and straightforward perfume. I’d say it’s appropriate for all seasons. The projection at opening and at drydown is quite strong to be noticed underneath your layers in the fall and winter.

Joy’s main notes are jasmine / white florals and mandarin. It doesn’t smell like it has any musk in it. It is your plain and simple, non-offensive floral scent, with Dior’s elegance and lasting power. It is uncomplicated, just serving you all the jasmine and mandarin you want. 

If you want a feminine scent in a beautifully packaged bottle with Dior on it, then this is an option. It is good for all seasons, dates or office, from day to night. 

It has EXCELLENT lasting power of around 5 hours. After a couple hours, the mandarin has outlasted the jasmine, which is usually the opposite in similar perfumes. The citrusy smell is beautiful especially when layered on with the matching body lotion. 

There are many dupes of Joy, as this scent isn’t that unique or hard to find. It’s quite similar to Chanel’s Allure although Allure is more expensive. The plus side is that Dior’s perfumes are all long lasting. Dior Joy can probably outlast all of its dupes. Perfumes with strong mandarin base notes don’t last as long as it does in Dior Joy.

Dior Joy’s full price is $82 for its 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I always find it online for around $30 per 1.0 oz, which is almost 70% off! I’ve linked cheaper places to buy it and a slightly cheaper dupe for you to consider. This dupe also has wonderful and luxurious packaging and not as many people know about its similarity to Joy yet. 

#7 Hypnotic Poison

We cannot miss talking about this Dior Poison variation! Hypnotic Poison is my second favourite among Dior Poison perfumes.

Hypnotic Poison is clean and slightly sweet. This Poison perfume sits between Poison Girl and Poison on the scale of sweetness. Hypnotic Poison is like 80% unisex, while Pure Poison is safely 100% unisex.

Hypnotic Poison smells slightly sweet. At the open, you will get a rush of almonds combined with a slight jasmine accord. The Shadow scent for the hypnotic part is distinctly not sweet. Grounded by almond, but not gourmand. 

Hypnotic Poison has a good balance between feminine gourmand and masculine coriander & anise. If Dior Poison perfume is too spicy or masculine for you (which it is for me!), and Dior Poison Girl perfume is too true gourmand or too sweet for you, then pick Hypnotic Poison. 

Hypnotic Poison perfume comes in a beautiful red bottle. Its full price at retail is $62 for the 1.0 oz (30 ml) small bottle. This is a perfume that I can definitely find online at more than half off, usually at around $25 – $30 per 1.0 oz. I’ve linked some cheaper places to buy this and a much cheaper dupe for you to consider.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a lighter and more refreshing version of the Absolutely Blooming. It is like a twin with a citrusy twist of Absolutely Blooming. 

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is an EDT which makes it more affordable at a lower price than the EDP. I can usually easily find it online at one third of its full price. I have linked some cheaper options and dupes below. 

If you enjoy light and refreshing perfumes, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet can give you a light layer of mandarin, bergamot and peony. At the open, it has a citrusy scent along with the obvious peony notes. As it dries down, the sweetness sort of fades away quickly. It is not really sweet at all after 30 minutes or so.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is clearly a spring & summer fragrance because the EDT is not strong enough for fall or winter. It is one of the lightest EDTs on the market. Dior designed Blooming Bouquet to be one of the lightest EDTs intentionally to represent the subtlety of Miss Dior’s femininity.  

If you are attending a laid back brunch with the girls or doing a shopping trip with family, this light fragrance would be great to wear. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet isn’t designed for the out-and-abouts at night, but it is perfect for an elegant affair with your lady friends.

Another popular way of wearing Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is to think of it as a body mist with some peony and rose scents. Use it like a body spray and wear it generously on yourself. It could be another great fragrance to wear to bed.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet sells at most retail stores. You can get the 1.0 oz (30 ml) small bottle for $62. I have usually found it online for around $25-$30 range per 1.0 oz. I have linked some great places to buy Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet below and dupes.

Addict has a popular EDP version and a Eau Franche version. 

Here I am voting for Addict’s Eau Fraiche (Franche is the lightest version of any fragrance), but Eau Fraiche smells like a completely different perfume from the EDP of Dior Addict. Gotta emphasize it – I recommend the Addict Eau Fraiche, NOT the Addict EDP. Addict Eau Fraiche comes in a pink bottle, while the EDP comes in a navy bottle.

Addict Eau Fraiche opens with lily and bergamot (sweet lemon). It has dominantly white florals and becomes powdery at drydown, which makes it a more mature perfume. It is spring-y, sweet, floral and very pleasing to both men and women – I bet everyone around you will love this scent.  

It smells like a pretty & friendly lady at a grown-ups’ summer BBQ. It’s a summer day, but it just rained, so it’s comfortable with a lot of cool breeze. Addict eau Fraiche is a more mature version of Chanel Gabrille. The maturity comes from the powdery and very light white musk in this. 

As it is an Eau Fraiche, needless to say, longevity is shorter than the EDP. It makes the most sense to purchase this for the spring or summer due to its lightness.

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche’s full price is $82 for a 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottle, which makes it $48 per 1.0 oz. I can always find it online for around $30 per 1.0 oz which is almost 70% off! I’ve linked cheaper places to find it and a dupe that you will like. 

Let’s talk about the EDP briefly. Dior Addict EDP is not only way richer and heavier than Addict Eau Fraiche, it is a different scent! 

Dior Addict opens with strong mandarin and jasmine notes. It has some woods in it too. Think of it as the fall/winter cousin of the Addict Eau Fraiche, but in a very different way. I can smell light lily and bergamot, as the jasmine and mandarin really overpowers the other scents. Woodsy scents also don’t help here. 

Standing alone (if I don’t compare it to Addict Eau Fraiche), Addict EDP is a non-offensive perfume for the cold months. It is a great option for the office environment when you want to be taken seriously. It has the typical jasmine base note with some sandalwood, quite generic to be honest. 

Dior Addict EDP’s full price is $107 for a 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottle, which makes it $63 per 1.0 oz. I can always find it at around $30 – $35 per 1.0 oz, which is half off! Link below will show you where to find it cheaper online and a great dupe that you’ll love.

J’adore Infinissime is a new scent from its 2020 collection. What a crazy year that was! This fragrance has some unique characteristics to it probably as a result of it, just kidding.

J’adore Infinissime has the highest intensity among J’adore perfumes. It has clearly added a lot of woodsy scents into the original J’adore. On top of that, it also has way stronger jasmine than the J’adore. Jasmine is so dominant in Infinissime at drydown, IMO it gives this perfume stronger projection but makes it more generic compared to the J’adore.

It has longer lasting power than J’adore, partly because of the stronger jasmine note. As mentioned above, at drydown, jasmine remains quite dominant, so does sandalwood. It is a more masculine perfume than the J’adore due to the woodsy addition. 

J’adore Infinissime can be an all-season perfume, probably less so for the summer just because woodsy notes are quite obvious here at drydown. If you love J’adore, the Infinissime can be the fall/winter sister of the original. If you love J’adore for the day, Infinissime is a cousin for the night, *not a sister*. It’s hard to ignore the dominant sandalwood scents in this one.

J’adore Infinissime’s full price is $88 for the 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I can always find it at around $35 per 1.0 oz online. I’ve linked some cheaper places online below and a great dupe option at a cheaper price.

Dior Poison perfume has been around since the 80s and it is ahead of its time. This is a nostalgic vintage scent, as it was super popular back in the 80s and 90s. It was considered goth and Rock-N-Roll back then. It may be a bit too mature for today’s young perfume lovers.  

This is a complex perfume with many layers of various very intense scents. It is not for everyone. And it is definitely not for work. 

At the open, Poison rushes out of the bottle with intense coriander, berries and grape juice scents, sitting on a bed of roses. It has extremely strong projection and sillage, especially the vintage formulation. If you are going out overnight, this will last you through the next day’s brunch. As it dries down, it becomes slightly calmer and richer. It is not powdery.

Poison perfume is a 100% fall / winter going-out perfume. This is a sexy, luxurious and strong perfume that it is simply inappropriate for work. It would be a great option to wear to a date night or a party. 

Poison perfume is also a great gift idea for a romantic partner. It is spicy, sexy and complex. As a gift on your anniversary or a special occasion, Dior Poison will knock it out of the park. 

Dior Poison perfume is a classic. Its full price is $62 for the 1.0 oz (30 ml) small bottle. I can usually find it online for half the price at around $30 per 1.0 oz. I’ve linked some cheaper places to buy it below and a cheaper dupe option if you are unsure about this intense perfume.

Dior’s Joy Intense should *obviously* be a stronger version of Joy, and it is, thanks god. You know the word “intense” sometimes doesn’t mean more of the same thing. 

Joy Intense is stronger than the original, with a little more musk and sandalwood in it to give it more depth. Other than these points, they are pretty much identical on the main notes, lasting power and ways of use. 

I personally prefer Dior Joy, because Joy Intense is trying too hard and not in a natural way. It is floral and feminine like Joy, but the woods they added don’t live harmoniously with the florals. It is too forced and feels out of place for the woods to be here. 

Dior is famous for its sweet scents, and that’s how the brand has portrayed itself over the decades. Dior isn’t a poster child for niche unique fragrance, but it is a role model for elegant, sweet and clean perfumes. If you want a bit of an edge in Dior, try Dior’s poison collection that you can also find in any retail store. 

Dior Joy Intense’s full price is $108 for a 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottle, which makes it $64 per 1.0 oz. I can always find it at around $30 per 1.0 oz. I’ve linked cheaper places to find this and an even better dupe for you to check out! 

Best for date: Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming or Poison Girl

Best for daytime: J’adore EDP

Best for spring / summer: Addict Eau Fraiche or Joy

Best for fall / winter: Miss Dior or Poison

Best for work: J’adore EDP or Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

You can get Dior fragrances online for 50% – 70% off the full price usually. 

Most Dior perfumes sell for $60 – $80 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). 

I can always find Dior perfumes online for around $30 – $40 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

In addition to Ulta and Sephora, most department stores near you carry Dior perfumes, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and etc. 

Dior Perfumes are sold  in stores internationally, including the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. 

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