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Top 4 Best Dior J’adore Perfume You Must Know

Which Dior J'adore Perfume Is The Best?

Top 3 Dior J'adore Perfumes To Know

Dior as a fashion house makes several perfumes that stood the test of time. The J’adore perfumes exemplifies the fashion house’s dedication to making women feel feminine and empowered. 

J’adore perfume line has been released since the 90s, so it’s a street classic now after over two decades of popularity. There are many editions of the J’adore perfume over the years. I reviewed the current variations of the J’adore perfume in this article. There are vintage scents that are no longer in the market that I won’t discuss here.

The great news about a legacy perfume like J’adore that has been out for a while is that I can always easily find it a lot cheaper online. I’ve linked places to buy them cheaper online as well as similar scents at a cheaper price.

#1 Dior J'adore Perfume EDP

J’adore is an amazing perfume. It smells so elegant and grown up and in a good way. It is my top pick among all the J’adore perfume variations.

J’adore is sweet like candy, at the same time, it exudes spring florals and ylang ylang on top of it all. As it dries down, it has some magnolia and rose coming forward, but the sweetness of it is still very dominant but not cheesy at all. 

It is a lovely fragrance for a lady, sweet yet not too loud, pretty yet not too vulgar. You imagine a lady who wears this would frequent museums and the art scene, but not visit the night clubs on her Art Basel getaway to Miami. 

It achieves this illusion of maturity without being powdery, which makes it great for ladies of all tastes. 

J’adore has medium projection and average lasting power of 4 hours. You can wear it practically to anything and I don’t say this often! It has mystery, which makes it great for dates. It is slightly serious and ladylike, and is definitely appropriate for any work-related or daytime activities. Since it’s a light hearted perfume, I would layer it with something heavier like Poison Girl for night time activities.

J’adore perfume’s full price at retail is $82 for the small 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I usually find it at around $30-$35 per 1.0 oz online. I’ve linked cheaper options below and a dupe that is much cheaper as well. 

#2 Dior J’adore EDT

J’adore perfume comes in an EDT as well as an extrait de parfum. The EDT is another very popular J’adore perfume because it is just like J’adore yet lighter, perfect for the spring and summer outings. 

The notes here are similar to the EDP. J’adore EDT is lighter and more refreshing as it has more citrusy notes like orange, and less ylang ylang. 

The great news about the EDT is that because it has less perfume content, it is always cheaper. In this case, the J’adore EDT retails for $108 for its 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottle, which makes it $64 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) at full price. I can always find it online for $20 – $25 per 1.0 oz. It is at least half off the full price. I’ve linked cheaper places to buy it and a cheaper dupe as an alternative.

#3 Dior J’adore Infinissime

J’adore Infinissime is a new scent from its 2020 collection. What a crazy year that was! This fragrance has some unique characteristics to it probably as a result of it, just kidding.

J’adore Infinissime has the highest intensity among J’adore perfumes. It has clearly added a lot of woodsy scents into the original J’adore. On top of that, it also has way stronger jasmine than the J’adore. Jasmine is so dominant in Infinissime at drydown, IMO it gives this perfume stronger projection but makes it more generic compared to the J’adore.

It has longer lasting power than J’adore, partly because of the stronger jasmine note. As mentioned above, at drydown, jasmine remains quite dominant, so does sandalwood. It is a more masculine perfume than the J’adore due to the woodsy addition. 

J’adore Infinissime can be an all-season perfume, probably less so for the summer just because woodsy notes are quite obvious here at drydown. If you love J’adore, the Infinissime can be the fall/winter sister of the original. If you love J’adore for the day, Infinissime is a cousin for the night, *not a sister*. It’s hard to ignore the dominant sandalwood scents in this one.

J’adore Infinissime’s full price is $88 for the 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I can always find it at around $35 per 1.0 oz online. I’ve linked some cheaper places online below and a great dupe option at a cheaper price.

#4 Dior J'adore Absolu

J’adore Absolu is a much richer (thicker), and sweeter version of the original J’adore, with a lot more sweetness from mandarin and ylang ylang. 

As we talked about, J’adore is very ladylike and elegant. J’adore Absolu is the more bubbly version of that lady J’adore, because it is almost singularly sweet, and not as complex or mysterious as J’adore EDP.

The sweetness sort of overpowers everything else, which IMO makes it more bubbly and less elegant. 

Nonetheless, it is a beautiful perfume with so much sexiness from the mandarin and jasmine.

It has an average lasting power of 4 hours, very similar to the original J’adore. Despite being a lot sweeter, J’adore Absolu’s projection isn’t that much stronger and the sillage is slightly stronger than the original. 

If you love sweet fragrances, the House of Dior in general is the right direction to go in. And you can’t go wrong with J’adore Absolu. It is heavier but also sexier than the original. J’adore Absolu speaks up more than J’adore in a loud and bubbly way.

J’adore Absolu’s full price is $118 for a 1.7 oz (50 ml) bottle, which makes it $69 per 1.0 oz. I can always find this online for around half off. I’ve linked some cheaper places online and a cheaper dupe to look at here.

Best for date: J’adore Absolu 

Best for daytime: J’adore EDP

Best for spring / summer: J’adore EDT

Best for fall / winter: J’adore Infinissime

Best for work: J’adore EDP

You can get Dior J’adore perfumes on average at around half off of its full price online here. 

Most Dior J’adore perfumes sell for $80 – $100 for its 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. 

I can always find J’adore perfumes online for around $30 – $45 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

Dior J’adore perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at around half off of its full price online with the same quality. I have linked many cheaper places to buy throughout this review.

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