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Top 5 Best Gucci Bloom Perfume & Dupes

Which Gucci Bloom Perfume Is The Best?

The Best Gucci Bloom Perfume

Gucci perfumes are an easy go-to as a gift item and something fun to buy for yourself to enjoy. 

Gucci Bloom perfumes are one of the more affordable perfume lines you can find almost at any retail store like Sephora and Ulta. It is more expensive than celebrity perfumes, but Gucci Bloom is cheaper than most niche perfumes or perfumes from a similar luxury brands like Chanel or Tom Ford.

The great news is that I can find this perfume online for a lot cheaper all the time, at around 50-70% off. Gucci Bloom perfume collection has some unique scents but it is also not super hard to find dupes for them either. I’ve linked dupes below each Gucci Bloom variation.

Gucci Bloom perfume is a fantastic collection, every scent in this collection has something unique to offer. The leading signature scent is the Gucci Bloom in vintage power pink bottle. 

Gucci Bloom perfume is a sweet floral scent. It has rose and jasmine at open but it is so refreshing that it smells a little like peppermint.

True to the creative vision of Gucci, the Gucci Bloom perfume’s campaign features Dakota Johnson running in the rain and jumping into a pond in Gucci attire. This perfume smells like the floral and grassy freshness in nature after a thunderstorm. 

Gucci Bloom perfume is slightly powdery at drydown, which makes it a little more mature and elevated. It is authentic, approachable yet smells expensive. 

Gucci Bloom perfume is absolutely a great all-occasion perfume. Its sweetness doesn’t have boundaries which makes it approachable, and suitable from office to play. 

It is more of a daytime perfume to me because it is floral and refreshing. However, it has great long lasting power that it makes sense to wear it on a hot summer night out. 

Gucci Bloom perfume is a great choice that you can find at most stores for $76 per 1.0 oz bottle. You can find this at $30 per 1.0 oz bottle online which is HALF OFF. I think this perfume has the best price to value ratio among all the Gucci Bloom perfume options. 

There are a couple dupes that are quite similar to the Gucci Bloom perfume. Each is 80% – 85% there, so Gucci Bloom perfume is unique blend of peppermint freshness and lots of pink florals. The dupe I picked is very similar without the scent like peppermint. The dupe is also a little cheaper than Gucci Bloom perfume even though Gucci Bloom is already at an amazing price!

Gucci Bloom Aqua Di Fiori is an EDT. It comes in a pale pink bottle with green graphics on it. As the bottle design suggests, Gucci Bloom Aqua Di Fiori is designed to smell more like spring. 

It has more green floral scents vs the pink floral scents in Gucci Bloom. Aqua Di Fiori has cassis leaves, galbanum leaves and lemon added into it. It’s as if you can literally smell fresh grass out of this perfume! 

I’d like to point out that Aqua Di Fiori is equally refreshing compared to Gucci Bloom perfume. Both are quite refreshing options great for spring and summer. 

Since Aqua Di Fiori is an EDT, it was designed to be on the lighter side and with shorter lasting power vs the Gucci Bloom perfume EDP. 

This is like a perfume made by a yoga guru: zen, refreshing, springy, floral, a little woodsy and a little salty, very clean and approachable. 

You can find Aqua Di Fiori EDT at most stores as well for $65 per 1.0 oz bottle. I always find this Gucci perfume at an amazing price of $25 – $30 per 1.0 oz. This is more than HALF OFF! This is a great perfume at an amazing and affordable price. 

There is a great dupe for this Gucci perfume. It is 90% similar. Since this Gucci perfume is so well priced online already, the dupe is similarly priced. I have linked the dupe below. But if you like refreshing and clean perfumes, just get this Gucci Bloom perfume!

Gucci Bloom Ambrosia Di Fiori is the sweetest option out of the entire Gucci Bloom perfume collection. It comes in a sexy vintage-ish red bottle. 

Think of Ambrosia Di Fiori as a gourmand made of purely caramel and no musk or wood at all. 

Ambrosia Di Fiori is different from the original Gucci Bloom in that Ambrosia isn’t supposed to give you refreshing scents, it is pure sweetness like syrup.

It is quite similar to Dior’s Poison Girl, except Ambrosia Di Fiori has more pink floral in it. This is a great date perfume. Since it is sweet and gourmand, I personally like to wear this kind of perfume on dates, at night time, or in the fall or winter. 

It is an EDP with great lasting power, similar to the Gucci Bloom perfume in the pink bottle. It also has strong projection which is great. Since this is a limited edition, it is a little more on the pricey side so I found some dupes linked below. 

You can find Ambrosia Di Fiori selling at $85 per 1.0 oz. I always get it online for only around $30 – $40 per 1.0 oz. This Gucci perfume is usually more than half off online and I’ve linked where to get it right here. 

This Gucci Bloom perfume’s dupe that I recommend is similarly priced actually. You can compromise on lasting power and uniqueness by going to a much cheaper celebrity perfume like Britney Spears collection, but I am not recommending that here. If you like sweet gourmand perfumes, just go with one of these choices! 

Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori is the most musky and darkest option among all the Gucci Bloom perfume collection. It comes in the same beautiful bottle with dark purple graphics on the bottle. 

Nettare Di Fiori’s top notes are ginger and rose. The ginger is not spicy in this Gucci Bloom perfume. Its scent smells unique to most people. The ginger scent here smells like woodsy-chocolate because it is sweet but with the woodsy feel of a tree trunk added in. Rose, jasmine and honeysuckle provide a softly sweet, gently feminine base to this perfume. 

At drydown, Nettare Di Fiori has a strong musky scent that you cannot miss. It is the most musky scent in all of Gucci Bloom perfumes. If you love oud and musk in your usual purchases, you would like this. Although Nettare Di Fiori is not musky all the way, it is 50% floral and 50% musky at drydown. 

I really like the tree trunk scent in this perfume because it is quite unique as in it is not commonly found in other woodsy or darker perfumes.

Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori is an all occasion perfume although it is slightly too dark for me in the spring and summer. It is a great perfume for fall and winter from day to night, from office to party. It is a versatile musky perfume because it is not musky all the way. So it is quite a reasonable option to wear during daytime.

This Gucci Bloom’s full price is $85 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I ALWAYS get it for under $30 per 1.0 oz online and that is almost TWO THIRDS off! It is a great option to get online. While I found a great dupe for it, check out both of these options. 

Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori is one of the newest scents that came out in 2021. It comes in a classic mustard yellow bottle that has the vintage vibe to it consistent with the rest of this line. 

When I compare it to the rest of the Gucci Bloom perfume line, it is pretty much the intense version of the classic Gucci Bloom perfume in the pink bottle. I would have renamed this to Gucci Bloom Intense. 

Since this is a new scent, it’s harder to find it at a discount, so it ends up being pricier than the Gucci Bloom. You will get stronger projection from Profumo Di Fiori than Gucci Bloom perfume, at similar lasting power. You will just smell this easier when you have it on vs the original pink bottle. 

Similar to Gucci Bloom perfume, Profumo Di Fiori can be an all occasion perfume. Since its projection is so strong, I’d suggest not wearing it to the office. Other than that, it works everywhere, just like Gucci Bloom original. 

This Gucci Bloom perfume’s full price is $80 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. It is just a few dollars more than the Gucci Bloom original, except that you can always get Gucci Bloom original at at least HALF OFF online. Not with this one though. 

So I have linked some great dupes right here for you to consider. 

Best for date: Gucci Bloom perfume Ambrosia Di Fiori

Best for daytime: Gucci Bloom 

Best for spring / summer: Gucci Aqua 

Best for fall / winter: Gucci Bloom 

Best for work: Gucci Bloom or Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori

You can get Gucci Bloom collection online for about 50%  – 70% off the full price usually. 

Most Gucci Bloom perfumes sell for $80 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). 

I can always find Gucci Bloom perfumes online for around $25 – $40 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

Gucci Bloom perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at 50% – 70% OFF of its full price online with the same quality. I have linked many cheaper places to buy throughout this review.

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