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Top 6 Gucci Guilty Perfume Ranking To Know

Which Gucci Guilty Perfume Is The Best?

Gucci Guilty line is one of the best perfume lines, because of its versatility and unparalleled super gold packaging. This line has one of the most long lasting power among luxury perfumes that I’ve seen. Some options below are excellent at lasting all day. 

This is an affordable collection. As I pointed out throughout this review, I can get Gucci Guilty online for at least half off all the time. There are some great dupes for Gucci Guilty as well.

This line truly makes great gifts to most women out there. The scents here are all quite similar as you will see below, with slight variations. Gucci Bloom collection in comparison has a wider range of scents. 

Gucci Guilty EDT is a great fragrance. The interesting thing is that its EDT is more appealing and popular than its EDP. It’s not because EDT is lighter and more refreshing, but it is because Gucci Guilty EDT is an excellent scent standing on its own. 

The Gucci Guilty perfumes are packaged in beautiful gold bottles with a rosey hint. You can not miss the Gucci logo as it takes up half of the bottle. IMO this packaging makes it a great gift because it is bright and it looks expensive. 

Based on the Gucci Guilty perfume’s bottle, I would have guessed the scent is bold and musky. 

On the contrary, it is not a heavy scent. It is a very refreshing scent with a lot of orange and citrus scents. 

Gucci Guilty perfume EDT has its top notes in orange and bergamot. At the open, the orange scent makes this EDT very refreshing as it reminds you of a cool summer day. The sweet bergamot scent is well mixed with the orange. Any perfume with a heavy orange is designed to smell sexy, which it does here in Gucci Guilty. 

This perfume’s middle notes are lilac, peach and jasmine. I don’t smell a ton of lilac or peach, but I do smell a lot of jasmine and a little bit of spiciness coming from pink pepper and black currant. Its base notes are patchouli, amber and white musk, which adds a solid grounding mix to this refreshing scent.

Gucci Guilty EDT is an all-occasion perfume. It has good lasting power, similar to its EDP’s lasting power, around 4 hours. It is refreshing and sexy. You can wear it from day to night, from office to play. 

I think it will work when you wear less than 2 layers of clothing, as it is ultimately an EDT and a refreshing scent. Since we wear 3-4 layers in winter in NYC, I would have to skip it for the cold winter, and probably switch to the EDP version of Gucci Guilty.  

Gucci Guilty EDT is very reasonably priced. I can always find it at half the price online. Gucci Guilty EDT retails at $65 per 1.0 oz and you can get it at full price from many retail stores like Sephora and Ulta. I get it for under $30 per 1.0 oz online. I would highly recommend getting it there and have linked some below. 

Gucci Guilty Intense is closer to the EDT vs the EDP (I will discuss the EDP in more detail below as it is ranked lower). 

Gucci Guilty Intense is pretty much the same scent with the EDT, except that it is more powdery floral, more softly spicy, less sweet and longer lasting! This perfume has an incredible staying power of 5-7 hours. 

At the open, you get the similar citrusy floral scents with less lemon in the intense version. You will also get more pink pepper in the intense. It is darker with more amber, and less sweet with a lot less jasmine. It is sophisticated floral and powdery sweet. 

Gucci Guilty Intense can be an all occasion perfume for sure. It is versatile across all four seasons due to its amazing lasting power. It is a great date night perfume especially quite a sexy choice for an evening outing. I would recommend spraying it on lightly for an office environment.

Gucci Guilty Intense’s full price is $132 for a 2.5 oz (70 ml) bottle which makes it $53 per ounce. I always find it online for around $35 – $40 per 1.0 ounce. I’ve linked cheaper places to get it online right here. I’ve also linked a great dupe option for it! 

Gucci Guilty Love Edition EDP is one of my favourites in the whole Guilty collection. The Love Edition is one of the newest fragrances that came out in 2020. It was designed as a limited edition. Due to popular demand, we may be able to get it for several years longer. 

Gucci Guilty Love Edition has an EDP and an EDT. The EDP comes in a vintage pink bottle, and the EDT comes in a vintage lilac color. The scents are the same in both. 

Think of the Gucci Guilty Love Edition EDP as powdery, very sweet and low musk. 

At the open, this perfume is undoubtedly floral and fruity, which combined makes this perfume very sweet. It could be a signature scent for someone who likes sweet fragrances. To add some maturity to it, Gucci added powdery scents into this perfume. To finish it off, at drydown, the amber and musk in this perfume, although light, show up eventually. 

Its sweetness has some depth and several layers to it. It is sweet beyond the typical jasmine or vanilla. The Love Edition has raspberry and a little grapefruit that make up its fruity scents. The fragrance also has violet and narcissus that make up its floral scents in addition to patchouli and jasmine. There is a little musk at drydown, but not much. 

Its powderness helps this fragrance stand out on its own. The powderness has a unique balance of violet, airy musk and cashmere. It takes this perfume up a notch in sophistication. 

Gucci Guilty Love Edition is a great choice for all seasons. It has an average lasting power of 4 hours to last you through fall and early winter. It is also a sweet perfume to fit your lifestyle in spring and summer. It is so sweet though that I would not wear it in a professional environment. It would be a great perfume to wear to a date or a daytime activity outside of work. 

The great thing about the Gucci Guilty line is that you can get them at much lower prices online. At retail, this beautiful Love Edition perfume sells at $105 for a 1.6 oz bottle. I always easily find it at under $30 per 1.0 oz. There is a huge discount! So I have linked some options below.

Gucci Guilty Black is one of the best, the most complex sweet floral scents you can ever find! It is pretty much a masterpiece! 

The packaging here is very misleading. Gucci Guilty Black is NOT a heavy, loud or even sexy perfume. It is approachable, sweet floral, slightly gourmand and sophisticated.

This perfume has 3 layers throughout its life. At the open, Gucci Guilty Black is fruity sweet with some spiciness, backed with a ton of berries, orange and pink pepper. Then it gets more powdery, with beautiful lilac and violet at drydown. 

As the top layer of floral sweet fades away after a couple hours, you will surprisingly find Gucci Guilty Black to be a mix of lilac & violet with gourmand scents like pure caramel. It is just wonderful. 

On top of all these layers, Gucci Guilty Black has an amazing lasting power too! Not as great as the Intense, but pretty much can outlast the other perfumes in this review, at around 5 hours on me. 

Gucci Guilty Black is an affordable luxury option to enjoy all year round. Its full price is only $102 for a 2.5 oz (70 ml) bottle. I find it online for around $30 – $35 per 1.0 oz – very affordable and long lasting! This is truly a great buy. I have also linked a very similar dupe for it, although the dupe is similarly priced, not always cheaper than Gucci Guilty Black.

#5 Gucci Guilty Perfume EDP

Gucci Guilty perfume EDP is another great option. Comparing to the EDT that I recommend as #1 option, the EDP version has a similar scent, except that it is less sweet and *surprisingly* more refreshing than the EDT.

Similar to its EDT, the Gucci Guilty perfume EDP opens with even stronger orange and citrus scents. This is probably why the EDP is more refreshing I suppose.

This fragrance is less sweet and a little darker. It has less bergamot and patchouli but more amber. The darkness from amber is stronger than the EDT making this EDP a great choice for fall and winter. 

Gucci Guilty perfume EDP is a little pricier than the EDT. This fragrance retails at $76 per 1.0 oz. You could definitely find cheaper options online for around $40 per 1.0 oz. In comparison, the EDT online is around $30 per 1.0 oz. I have linked some options below right here.

Another misleading packaging with this Gucci Guilty Absolute. It comes in a red bottle, suggesting it is a feminine sexy perfume. It is not – but a darker version of a semi-unisex work / office perfume. This is also why I rank Gucci Guilty Absolute at the last position as the scent is not as unique and not as versatile as the others above.

Compared to the Gucci Guilty original’s scents, the Absolute is the most *grassy*. It smells like you are walking in a forest after rain, with lots of moss, aged trees and fallen leaves. 

Gucci Guilty Absolute opens with dark blackberry notes, mixed with a light layer of rose, and grounded by strong woodsy and grassy scents. 

It almost smells like herbal cologne. This Gucci Guilty perfume can be a good option in the fall and winter for the office environment. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in the spring or summer, or on a date as it is semi-unisex. 

Gucci Guilty Absolute’s full price is $137 for a 3.0 oz bottle. I usually find it online for cheaper around $40 per 1.0 oz. Since this is a risky choice, I have linked a dupe that is half the price, smells quite similar for you to consider. 

Best for date: Gucci Guilty Love or Gucci Guilty Black

Best for daytime: Gucci Guilty EDT

Best for spring / summer: Gucci Guilty EDT

Best for fall / winter: Gucci Guilty Intense

Best for work: Gucci Guilty Absolute

You can get Gucci Guilty fragrances on average at a HALF of its full price online here. 

Most Gucci Guilty perfumes sell for $50 – $60 for its 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. 

I can always find Gucci Guilty perfumes online for around $25 – $35 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

Gucci Guilty perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at HALF of its full price online with the same quality. I have linked many cheaper places to buy throughout this review.

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