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Top 7 Jimmy Choo Perfume Review You Must Read

Which Jimmy Choo Perfume Is The Best?

Top 7 Jimmy Choo Perfumes Reviewed In Depth

Jimmy Choo is an iconic brand that has empowered women around the world with its sexy and fashion forward design in footwear. Jimmy Choo perfumes are no exception to this empowering message. Most Jimmy Choo perfumes have a strong projection and distinct personality to that effect of empowering women in all occasions. 

Jimmy Choo perfumes are one of the most accessible luxury perfumes you can buy. It has a great price to value ratio that beats out many luxury perfumes of its peers. 

You can usually get Jimmy Choo perfumes on average at around $45-$60 per ounce at full price. I always get them cheaper at around $30 per ounce online, and have linked cheaper dupes for you as well.

I have tested and researched these Jimmy Choo perfumes and their dupe options for you with links below. Here are the top Jimmy Choo perfumes ranked by their scents, projection, lasting power, versatility and price value ratio. 

Jimmy Choo Fever perfume is the most versatile and loved option in the Jimmy Choo perfume collection for women. It is feminine yet not too sweet. Jimmy Choo Fever perfume is a sexy perfume, hence voted the best date night perfume in the Jimmy Choo collection for women.

At open, the Jimmy Choo Fever perfume smells very similar to the Jimmy Choo EDP classic. It is strongly floral and vanilla-sweet. Then, you can very shortly smell the big difference at its drydown.  Jimmy Choo Fever dries down with the beloved and obvious scent of lychee which makes it very voluptuous and sexy. 

Jimmy Choo Fever perfume’s sweetness is grounded in lychee and vanilla. It is sweet but not cliche. It is the expensive and sophisticated sweetness that nobody can really figure out, usually where it is coming from. It is slightly powdery, grounded by sandalwood and tonka beans. 

Jimmy Choo Fever perfume’s projection is not as forward as the Jimmy Choo EDP, because it projects a sweeter vibe vs a loudly sexy vibe. Jimmy Choo Fever perfume hence is the most versatile because you can wear it in any kind of professional and personal environments. 

Jimmy Choo Fever perfume is priced at around $50 per 1.0 ounce (30 ml) at full price. I usually find it a little cheaper online. I’ve found a dupe that is A LOT cheaper as well. All linked below. 

Jimmy Choo EDP is a sexy scent. It is designed for going out on the town and date nights. It could be a great fall and winter perfume as well because this perfume has many complex layers that will work great during the colder seasons.

At open, the Jimmy Choo perfume EDP is sweet with pear and vanilla scents. At drydown however, its masculine toffee and sandalwood come through strongly, which makes it a more appropriate night perfume than some of the other fruity options out there. Its toffee and sandalwood is *sexy*, a little smokey and in a seductive way. 

Jimmy Choo perfume EDP is more fruity than musk I’d say. Even though it has a strong sexy undertone from toffee and sandalwood, its fruity scents in pear and patchouli overpower the masculinity in it. Jimmy Choo perfume EDP in other words, is a feminine perfume, more feminine than any unisex perfume. 

Jimmy Choo perfume EDP would be a great choice for many occasions from day to night and from office to play. It has stronger projection than the Jimmy Choo Fever perfume. Spray sparingly if you are going to the office or going to a professional event. 

The Jimmy Choo perfume EDP has a full price of $50 per 1.0 oz bottle. I usually get it cheaper at around $40 per 1.0 oz online. I found an excellent dupe and linked that below as well.  

Jimmy Choo Illicit is an oriental scent. At first, you might find it woodsy because it opens with strong bitter orange and ginger. But in fact, it is one of the most signature oriental scents that you can find that’s readily available at most stores and online. 

Jimmy Choo Illicit is sexy and unique in its oriental floral scents. It is the most complex perfume choice among the Jimmy Choo perfume collection. Since it was launched in 2015, Jimmy Choo Illicit has been welcomed by the niche fragrance collector crowd. 

At open, the Jimmy Choo Illicit is beautifully oriental with orange and ginger. It is truly rare to find a great combination and a unique blend like this. As it dries down, its beautiful honey and caramel sets in. This is a sweet perfume, not singularly woodsy. Its sweetness is like gourmand, foods like candy, caramel and honey. It is slightly powdery and velvety with a scent of clean cashmere at drydown.

Jimmy Choo Illicit is a great all-occasion perfume, although preferred usually in the fall or winter season or at night because it is a sexy perfume. It has an air of seriousness that’s required in business settings, so I’d feel comfortable wearing this perfume on all occasions. 

You can get Jimmy Choo Illicit at about $40 per 1.0 oz bottle at full price, which makes it a wonderfully complex perfume at an affordable price. I usually get it at a better price at around $30 per 1.0 oz bottle online. I’ve linked more cheaper dupe options below here.  

Jimmy Choo perfume came out with I Want Choo as its newest addition to the collection. I Want Choo is a beautifully sweet and fruity perfume. It has blends of peach, lily and jasmine, followed by vanilla’s sweetness. It is essentially a less muskier version of the Jimmy Choo perfume EDP classic. 

I Want Choo has an unmistakable white floral scent at open, dominated by jasmine, then you can get hints of peach and lily as it dries down. Throughout its projection, you will not miss its very strong vanilla base, and it is singularly vanilla.

It is a perfume that I’d wear when going out, and less so during the daytime. It is appropriate for daytime as well, just a personal preference. I Want Choo has quite a strong projection similar to Jimmy Choo perfume EDP classic. 

This Jimmy Choo perfume’s full price is around $45 per 1.0 oz. You can find it at a similar price online (less discounts on resellers’ websites because it is a new scent). I Want Choo’s scent is not very complex so you can actually find many dupes out there that compete well with this. I linked some below. 

Jimmy Choo Blossom is a sweet, floral and very feminine perfume. It is elegant, beautiful and bubbly. However, it doesn’t suit the wide range of ladies who enjoy perfumes outside of the ultra feminine options. 

At open, the Jimmy Choo Blossom is full of vanilla, white musk and a ton of pink and red flowers. As it dries down, the white musk comes forward a bit more although not that much, maintaining its identity as a sweet and feminine perfume. 

Jimmy Choo Blossom has a base of rose and orange in its notes, however, it is more muted. It is not a rose perfume, but a very sweet pink floral perfume. If you love feminine scents and beautiful pink florals, this would be a great choice. 

As I personally enjoy more complex perfumes, I would pick Jimmy Choo Blossom more as a daytime perfume, as it is pleasant and approachable. Everyone likes a sweet scent around them. It can be a great summer and even fall perfume as well. I find it to be a beautiful hair mist in the winter when I want to mix something more musky with something more feminine in my hair. 

Blossom Jimmy Choo perfume’s full price is around $55 per 1.0 oz (30 ml) bottle. I can usually find it cheaper online which I have linked below. It is one of the cheapest EDP perfumes that Jimmy Choo collection offers. There are dupes for it and linked the best dupe here. 

Jimmy Choo Floral is a refreshing version of the Jimmy Choo perfume classic. It is sweet no doubt, and maintains the unique musk and sandalwood depth that’s similar in the Jimmy Choo perfume classic. 

Jimmy Choo Floral comes in a beautiful green color, signifying it is a refreshing option for your spring and summer. It gives you that “fresh out of the shower” scent. 

At the open, it is sweet with citrusy and honey scents. It is a delicate sweetness with nectarine, bergamot tangerine. It adds sophisticated floral scents like magnolia and sweet peas to build a sense of elegance. As it dries down, the honey and sandalwood linger around and project out with a refreshing scent and some warmth.

This Jimmy Choo perfume is refreshing, spring-y and sweet. It can be an all-occasion perfume from day to night and from office to play. I’d recommend you switching to the Jimmy Choo perfume classic when you have many layers on in the colder months, because Floral is a light perfume.

I rank it lower here because it is no longer available for sale by Jimmy Choo’s official source, and you can still get it at many places online. Jimmy Choo Floral perfume’s full price is around $35 for each 1.0 oz (30 ml) of perfume. I find it online at around the same price or slightly cheaper. It has several dupes and I linked some great options here. 

Jimmy Choo L’Eau is a light, fruity and bubbly perfume. It is the lighter version of the perfume, so light that it’ll suit someone who just wants a girly body mist or body spray. You can put it in your hair and all over your clothes. While there is some projection, people around you will get a light scent of it.

Jimmy Choo L’Eau opens with lovely fruity scents like nectarine and pear mixed with pink floral like peony. It is like a fairy goddaughter because it is great for a lovely young girl to wear from day to night. The official notes state that there’s sandalwood however I can’t get any of that at the open or at the drydown.

The downside of this fairy and bubbly perfume is its lack of staying power. It won’t stay past an hour for sure because it has zero staying power. 

Jimmy Choo L’Eau is great for a day out in the spring or summer. The scent wonderfully complements your cheerful spirit. It has the power like a ray of sunshine to cheer you up. 

This Jimmy Choo perfume’s full price is $46 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). I’ve usually found it online for cheaper. I’ve also included a dupe here that has longer staying power and at a similar price point for you to consider. 

Best for date: Jimmy Choo Fever or I want Choo

Best for daytime: Jimmy Choo Blossom

Best for spring / summer: Jimmy Choo Floral

Best for fall / winter: Jimmy Choo Fever or Illicit

Best for work: Jimmy Choo 

You can get most Jimmy Choo perfumes online for 20% – 40% off the full price usually. 

Most Jimmy Choo perfumes sell for $35 – $50 per 1.0 oz (30 ml). 

I can always find Jimmy Choo perfumes online for around $30 – $40 per 1.0 oz. 

I have linked cheaper places to buy them and great dupe options throughout this review.

Jimmy Choo perfumes can be found almost everywhere in store and everywhere online. 

I love shopping for this perfume online because it’s always possible to find them at a 20% – 40% discount off of its full price online with the same quality. I have linked many cheaper places to buy throughout this review.

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